Windows 10 Essentials in Video

Windows 10 Essentials

Windows 10: is it really an upgrade from 8.1 or just another graphic nightmare tacked on top of Windows 7? Here’s some Windows 10 Essentials in video.

It is an upgrade and it’s a lot of work to get it configured properly.

Windows 10 Settings

Again, Microsoft has spliced a new Settings area onto the old reliable Control Panel.

See my Youtube video about the how to find essential settings in Windows 10.

Privacy Settings

Microsoft used the excuse of an upgrade to pillage your personal information. I don’t care that we got the upgrade for free. Microsoft only made nominal amounts selling upgrade versions of its operating systems. And quite frankly it owed consumers after Windows 8.

Even simple things like Do Not Track in the new Edge browser have been turned off. The old Family settings from Windows 7 and 8 have been wiped out so now you have to register your child on a Microsoft web site.

I show you how to get back most of your privacy in this video:

New Browser On the Edge

There are some groovy features in the Edge browser but it looks quite different than Internet Explorer. There are no plugins or addins allowed. Stripped down interface with not a lot of help if you’re lost.

You can access the old Internet Explorer from Edge but for how long? Who knows? I couldn’t find anything from Microsoft about how long that will last and how secure it will be. This August 2015 Patch Tuesday there is a Flash patch for Internet Explorer on Windows 10.

This video will show you how to navigate around Edge