Disaster recovery

One of the ways, one of the worst ways, that small businesses become road kill on the information highway is lack of a backup system or an incomplete backup system.

If your office was flooded, if your computers were stolen, if your computer hard drive died right now, do you have the data you need to keep your business running? Do you have an airbag for a crash?

Make IT Work Computer Solutions can help you find the right backup solution for your business. Whether you have 10Gb of data or 100GB on one computer to a hundred computers, Make IT Work has solutions that will fit your business needs.

Make IT Work also offers backup of Microsoft 365 and G-Suite for business. Protect your cloud from stormy weather.

If your business is required to store data only in Canada, Make IT Work now offers the Completely Canadian Cloud Service. Ideal for financial services, health care, dental and other businesses that store personal data, the Completely Canadian Cloud Service meets the stringent security requirements. Call us for details.

Besides Backup services, Make IT Work also offers comprehensive disaster recovery plans for technology for your business. Plans that help when your web site gets hacked, data is lost or gets into the wrong hands, or when your office floods. Email us for more information.

Disaster Recovery