Moving your office?
Moving your office? Have you thought about how you move your technology? Moving your office? Desks. Filing cabinets. Phones. Meeting room table and chairs. There’s a lot to plan in any office move. Have you thought about how you’re moving your technology? I helped a client with their office move this summer. We started planning… (0 comment)

Cyber Risk Insurance Costs
Cyber Risk Insurance Costs: your small business cyber insurance costs will be going up and there will be more exclusions. Here’s what you need to know. Cyber risk insurance costs According to an article in the Insurance Journal, small businesses will see increases of 10-15% and 20% to 30% hikes for larger businesses even with… (0 comment)

Disaster Recovery 2021
Disaster Recovery 2021: in the past 6 months we’ve seen heat domes, raging fires, a massive Facebook faceplant, water spouts and now floods. How do you prepare your business for disaster recovery? The last time I wrote about disaster recovery was after a wind storm. We’re now facing more frequent weather disruptions. Like a lot… (0 comment)

Work from home 2021
Work from home 2021: it’s been a year since the pandemic lockdown, what have we learned? Work from home 2021 Zoombombing, VPNs, webcams, porting office phone lines, there’s been a lot of tech changes for small business this year. What have we learned from all this? As one Texas lawyer recently found out to the… (0 comment)

Flash in the bin
Flash in the bin: Adobe Flash reached it’s end of life December 31st 2020, here’s what you need to know. Hacker Flash Hackers are already using confusion around Flash and Flash Player to exploit folks. So far I’ve seen fake emails with scary instructions on removing Flash and also malicious web popups. Uninstall Flash Microsoft… (0 comment)

Work From Home in 2020
Work From Home in 2020: it’s a different world working from home. Stay Secure There’s one thing that spread faster around the world than COVID-19 and that’s COVID-19 scams. The breadth and depth of these scams is breathtaking: fake cures, fake science, and fake emergency funding all delivered by every internet media outlet and texts.… (0 comment)

Cyber insurance for your business
Cyber insurance for your business: do you need it? Cyber insurance for your business About once a month now I get asked by a client what is cyber insurance and do they need it? Sometimes I advise a client they should look into it. Why? What is cyber insurance? Cyberinsurance is a type of insurance… (0 comment)

Your Right To Repair
Underneath the mounds of ever increasing e-waste lies an important legal issue, your right to repair. Your Right To Repair What is Right to Repair? You can be excused if you haven’t heard of it before, the tech giants have been fighting to suppress it for years. Right to repair is the right for ordinary… (0 comment)

Click Here To Kill Everybody Book Review
Click Here To Kill Everybody Book Review: even the author Bruce Schneier admits the title is clickbait. Is all our technology so interconnected that someone could click here to kill everybody? Schneier opens his book with three scenarios of how technology could kill. Hackers could remotely disable car brakes, take over steering and even turn… (0 comment)

Did email bring down Hillary Clinton?
Did email bring down Hillary Clinton? Technology played a big part in the recent U.S. election but did bad tech advice change the result? That email server I don’t believe Hillary Clinton and her team were really trying to hide email with their setup. She wanted to use her Blackberry for emails.  I get that… (0 comment)