Windows 10 has its first Patch Tuesday August 2015

Windows 10 Patch Tuesday

Released July 29th and Windows 10 has its first Patch Tuesday August 2015 just 13 days later.

Microsoft Moans

Windows 10 and the new browser Edge already have security patches. There’s also updates for all the previous version of Windows (Vista through to Windows 8.1). And all current versions of Office including Mac versions. Internet Explorer also wins some prizes this month.

Complete breakdown of all the patches released today by Microsoft from the August security bulletin.

There’s also a report that a bulk patch for Windows 10 induces an infinite crash loop on some pcs.

Android Agony

Rough couple of days for Android: two really bad security holes were found, one which swipes your fingerprint data (not something you want to change) and another affecting 55% of all Androids that lets apps run rogue.

Android security problems have gotten so bad that Google and Samsung will start releasing monthly security updates.

So you can update your phone while you update your computers.

Apple Agony

Masque attack is back. If you haven’t updated your iOS devices to the most recent version.

Show your iThingy a little security love and update it to the most recent version.

And Thunderstrike 2.0 is out attacking via Thunderbolt accessories.

Check for updates to OS X.

Firefox and Flash

Both Firefox and Adobe Flash have security updates in the past week.


WordPress is now at version 4.2.3, second update in a month.

Several plugins including SEO by Yoast, Wordfence and other popular plugs have all released updates accordingly.

Schedule time for tech security: an ounce of patching is way cheaper than a pound of hacking.