Internet slow? No it’s your Windows
You just upgraded your high speed internet and got a new wifi access point. Internet still slow? It’s your Windows. Frequently I get clients who mention the Internet is slow. The usual culprit is Windows 10 and the internet browsers. Internet Slow? No it’s your Windows I have been doing a lot of testing on… (0 comment)

New PC Health Check
Microsoft just released a new version the PC Health Check app for Windows.  The old version checked your backup, Windows Update, storage capacity and startup time. What’s the fuss with the new PC Health Check?  It checks if your computer is deemed capable of running Windows 11. Installing the new PC Health Check You can… (0 comment)

Windows 10 Fall Update 2018
Windows 10 Fall Update 2018: every 6 months Microsoft releases a major update to Windows 10. Normally the new versions show up in April and October. What’s in the Windows 10 Fall Update 2018? Microsoft added Night Mode for folks who are bright sensitive some time ago but this version of Windows 10 features a… (0 comment)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: don’t be spooked
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: don’t be spooked. Today (October 17, 2017) Microsoft released another one of those mammoth Windows 10 updates. The last one, Spring 2017, terrorized unprepared Windows 10 users for several months. What are these mammoth updates? Instead of rolling out a new operating system or service pack, Microsoft, starting with Windows… (0 comment)

Windows 10: tales from the upgrade whirlwind
Windows 10: tales from the upgrade whirlwind. Microsoft continues to ram Windows 10 down people’s throats: from interrupting a weather forecast, a livestream video game, I’ve had clients tell me they’ve repeatedly said no to the update and then turned around to find it upgrading their computer without their clicked consent. The good news is… (0 comment)

Why is Windows 10 still not ready? This morning after the latest round of Windows updates, my desktop icons are now invisible. The labels are there which is somewhat helpful. Interestingly the icons show up if I look at the folder in Explorer. Earlier this week another set of Windows updates disabled my laptop keyboard… (0 comment)

Windows 10 Essentials in Video
Windows 10: is it really an upgrade from 8.1 or just another graphic nightmare tacked on top of Windows 7? Here’s some Windows 10 Essentials in video. It is an upgrade and it’s a lot of work to get it configured properly. Windows 10 Settings Again, Microsoft has spliced a new Settings area onto the… (0 comment)

Step by Step Upgrade to Windows 10
Here’s my first step by step upgrade to Windows 10 experience: Preparation First I already pre-registered my laptop for the upgrade. See my blog about how to do that. Second, just in case, I backed up all my files, both in the cloud and on a local external drive. Third, I paused my antivirus protection. Fourth,… (0 comment)