The Ten Commandments of Technology
  The Ten Commandments of Technology:  I dreamed dreams and saw visions (it happens when you fall asleep watching the curling). I dreamt the cloud opened and a booming voice bellowed: You shall be the prophet of my ten commandments of technology for small business. “Is that profit with an F or prophet with a… (0 comment)

Windows 10 Essentials in Video
Windows 10: is it really an upgrade from 8.1 or just another graphic nightmare tacked on top of Windows 7? Here’s some Windows 10 Essentials in video. It is an upgrade and it’s a lot of work to get it configured properly. Windows 10 Settings Again, Microsoft has spliced a new Settings area onto the… (0 comment)

SkyDrive for cloud storage
In the first season of the Hawaii 5-0 reboot, there’s an episode where McGarrett tells Danny to take a picture of a clue and Danny replies “I’ve just sent it to the SkyDrive”. So what is this SkyDrive thing? Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox and other cloud storage services. With SkyDrive you get 7GB of free… (0 comment)