Windows 10 has its first Patch Tuesday August 2015
Released July 29th and Windows 10 has its first Patch Tuesday August 2015 just 13 days later. Microsoft Moans Windows 10 and the new browser Edge already have security patches. There’s also updates for all the previous version of Windows (Vista through to Windows 8.1). And all current versions of Office including Mac versions. Internet… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday April 2015: all the software patch news you need for your business. Hackers rely on unpatched computers to make mayhem, don’t help them. Java Jive Oracle released an update to Java (a great favourite of hackers) today. Go to in your browser of choice to download the latest update. This security update… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday March 2015 – just click accept to get all the updates necessary for your business. Golden Apple Besides all the golden bling Apple released important security updates including a patch for the Freak vulnerability yesterday. Take a bite of better security. More details here. Earlier this month, they also updated itunes. WordPress Woes… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday January 2015
Patch Tuesday January 2015: welcome to a new year of security updates for your business technology! The second Tuesday of the month is the day designated by many software vendors for releasing updates and security patches for their software. Hot Flash It’s cold out there and Adobe has decided we all need a hot Flash… (0 comment)