Patch Tuesday October 2015

Patch Tuesday October 2015: all the security news you need for your small business.

Hot Flash and Close Read

Our old frenemy Adobe Flash is on the patch list again for Windows and Mac. But even if you patch, hackers are exploiting a zero day vulnerability in Flash. So I expect Adobe will soon release another patch. If possible, uninstall Flash and see if you miss it. One less security hole to worry about.

Adobe has also been busy patching Adobe Reader and Acrobat for security holes that affect both Windows and Mac users. Patch as soon as possible.

Apple Security Patch Harvest

Apple released security updates for iOS, iTunes and XCode 7.0. One of the iOS updates fixes a security hole in Apple Pay that allowed a payment terminal to access recent payment information.

Update your iThingys and iTunes as soon as possible.

Microsoft Malaise

Microsoft released six patches today. Two affect Internet Explorer and the new browser in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge.

One patch affects Excel for both Windows and Mac.

The rest affect Windows version 7 through 10 and yes you will have to reboot after installing these patches.

More info here.

An ounce of patching prevents a pound of tech pain.Patch Tuesday