Windows 10 has its first Patch Tuesday August 2015
Released July 29th and Windows 10 has its first Patch Tuesday August 2015 just 13 days later. Microsoft Moans Windows 10 and the new browser Edge already have security patches. There’s also updates for all the previous version of Windows (Vista through to Windows 8.1). And all current versions of Office including Mac versions. Internet… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday July 2015
Patch Tuesday July 2015: lots of security sunscreen required by all this month. Flashback No, you’re not hallucinating: there were three different security patches released for Flash in the past few weeks. You should have been prompted, on both Mac and Windows, to update Adobe Flash several times. Do it now. These updates are protecting… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday May 2015
Patch Tuesday May 2015: April showers bring lots May security patches for all your devices. Bite of the Apple Apple released patches to fix three web kit problems on Safari for OS X Mountain Lion, Maverick and Yosemite. The patches were released May 7th. No word on whether these web kit security holes also affect… (0 comment)

Tis the season to shop online for Christmas gifts. But how do you that safely? Here are a few tips to keep the Internet Grinch away: 1. Secure your computer before you shop online. Make sure your antivirus is up to date and all those patches are installed (particularly Java and Adobe Flash). 2. Make… (0 comment)

It’s a malware jungle out there on the Internet surf. So how do you keep your company computers from getting wiped out? Most of the time keeping your corporate assets patched will protect you. Patch not just the operating system but also Adobe Flash, Java and Adobe Reader in that order. Flash and Java are… (0 comment)

Since the mac Flashback Trojan and other security breaches, lots of folks wonder what is this Java? Usually IT security people are referring to Javascript which is used extensively on web sites. Some examples include: animation of web page elements such as fading them in or out, playing audio or video, web forms (forcing you… (0 comment)

Celebrity-Jacking is an abbreviation of Celebrity Hijacking and it is an old favourite with hackers and other web miscreants. Celebrity Hijacking exploits popular interest in a celebrity to get people to click on silly things with their computer mouse. February this year was the tenth anniversary of an early example of this: the Kournikova virus.… (0 comment)