Patch Tuesday February 2018

Patch Tuesday February 2018: all the security news you need to keep your small business computers from freezing.

Windows Whirlwind

It’s been a rough month for Windows updates: no matter how much you tell Windows to pause or snooze the updates, it always seems like the computer insists on rebooting on a whim.

And then there was a important security update for Outlook that prevents a malicious email from hacking your computer. All the other Office products (including for Mac) received updates as well.

Adobe Hot Flash

Adobe released a critical update for Adobe Flash a week ahead of it’s regular security patch schedule. You only need to manually install this update if you are running Firefox or Safari browsers (click here to get it).

On the regular patch schedule, Adobe released updates for Reader and Acrobat. More details here.

The Scarlet Apple Letter

Apple released an update that fixes the problem were a letter from the Indian alphabet breaks iThingys. Be sure to update to iOS 11.2.6 as soon as possible.

Apple also released updates for all its other products including Apple TV and Watch.

More Apple update details here

WordPress Woes

WordPress released a core update that introduced a security flaw which they patched the next day with another core update. Be sure your business web site is running version 4.9.4.

As with any core update, the most popular plugins were updated (JetPack, Akismet, Yoast SEO, Updraft Plus, etc.).

Remember an ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.