Is it a phish?
Is it a phish? Hardly a week goes by when I don’t have a client ask me if a certain email is a phish. Or they send me a phish they received. Why my business? Businesses get certain types of phishing attempts. Most are attempts to get private information, banking details  and credentials (such as… (0 comment)

How to fix your emails getting labelled as spam
You’re sending important emails to clients and they’re not receiving them or they’re going into spam. How to fix your emails getting labelled as spam First you have to figure out why your emails are getting labelled as spam. In response to all the real spam, companies like Microsoft and Google look at where the… (0 comment)

Office 365 Advanced Spam Management
Microsoft is pretty good at spam management in Office 365 but some times you need to use the Advanced Spam management tools. One of those spammy days It was one of those spammy days for a client recently. Everyone in the office received the same spam email for hours on end. The client didn’t contact… (0 comment)

Telus moves consumer emails to Gmail
Telus moves consumer emails to Gmail without thinking about the consumers. Do you have an email account? This affects you. Do you have an account? If you have a personal email account through Telus you will receive an email advising you about the migration. How I found out about this was a client… (2 comments)

Don’t blame your employees when you’re phished in
Don’t blame your employees when you’re phished in: the shame of MacEwan University. MacEwan University Phished In At the end of August, MacEwan University announced it had been phished in to the tune of $11.8 million. Scammers tricked the University into changing the payments for a construction vendor into bank accounts in Montreal and Hong… (0 comment)

The Ten Commandments of Technology
  The Ten Commandments of Technology:  I dreamed dreams and saw visions (it happens when you fall asleep watching the curling). I dreamt the cloud opened and a booming voice bellowed: You shall be the prophet of my ten commandments of technology for small business. “Is that profit with an F or prophet with a… (0 comment)

Simplifying your business email: how do you make your business email easier, safer and synchronized? Small businesses these days need a different email solution from days gone by. More and more businesses have employees on the go, owners on the go and multiple devices supporting it all. How do you manage and secure all this… (0 comment)

The War on Spam
The War on Spam: your business is caught in the crossfire. “Can you stop the spam?” I get this question lots from clients. Their business email is getting impossible to read because there are too many spam emails cluttering up their inbox. The Nigerian princes, good Christian widows, Russian brides, body part enlargers and others… (0 comment)

Don’t get phished in by fake emails
Don’t get phished in by fake emails. Fake Emails or Phishing Malicious emails are usually called phishing emails. The emails purport to be from a legitimate company or person and are designed to either obtain sensitive account information (like bank account details) or to get you to click on a link that will send you… (0 comment)

Bing!  You’ve Got Mail…. way too much of it.  And like many people we can get overwhelmed with the thought of our virtual piles and the lack of time we have to manage our electronic hoard of information and tasks to do. Processing is not doing. Nor is it about opening and closing the same… (0 comment)