Can we reinstall 2020? How the coronavirus affects tech
Can we reinstall 2020? How the coronavirus affects tech. Can we reinstall 2020? This version of 2o20 definitely has a virus. And it’s affecting all the tech sectors. This is what you need to know for your business now. Tech Support All tech companies, from Apple to Microsoft to Webnames, are seeing big increases in…

Facebook jail
Facebook Jail: how does a small business owner get blocked from Facebook for 6 weeks? Missing In Action I’d missing a Facebook friend for some weeks. I like his snarky humour. But I hadn’t seen any posts from him in weeks. Was he blocked on Facebook again I wondered. How does a small business owner… (0 comment)

How Tech Has Changed Tennis
How Tech has changed tennis: recently I found a Wimbledon Classic Match from 1978 DVD at the library and within minutes of watching it I thought how much technology has changed tennis. What a racket Wooden tennis rackets, remember them? Not only has the tennis racket been upgraded from wood to carbon graphite but it’s… (0 comment)

Windows 10: tales from the upgrade whirlwind
Windows 10: tales from the upgrade whirlwind. Microsoft continues to ram Windows 10 down people’s throats: from interrupting a weather forecast, a livestream video game, I’ve had clients tell me they’ve repeatedly said no to the update and then turned around to find it upgrading their computer without their clicked consent. The good news is… (0 comment)

Twitter to the rescue? Recently Twitter did help one of my clients with her problem. The call I received a call from a panicked client one evening recently. “I can’t access my web site. I think there’s something wrong with my internet”. First I helped my client test various web sites and we determined that… (1 comment)