Tech Trends for 2023
Tech Trends for 2023: three trends you need to watch for your small business. Tech Trends for 2023 Here are the three trends for 2023 to watch for: Chips Dip Subscription Fatigue Social Media Madness   Chips Dip The shortage of computer chips for various products such as smartphones, network equipment lingers on like a… (0 comment)

Telus credit card charge outrage
Telus credit card charge outrage: let’s make the future more expensive. Telus credit card charge outrage In August Telus announced they have requested the CRTC allow them to charge consumers 1.5% for using credit cards to pay. If your Telus bill is $100 and you use a credit card to pay, Telus will tack on… (0 comment)

Rogers Outage
Rogers Outage: early July 8th Rogers is suffering a massive outage. This outage affects mobile phones, internet, ATM machines, 911 service in various regions, government services and the list goes on. Rogers has about 9 million wireless customers and over 3 million cable internet customers. The Rogers outage has put a serious strain on all… (0 comment)

FCC puts Kaspersky on security threat list
FCC puts Kaspersky on security threat list: what do you do if your Canadian business using Kaspersky Antivirus products? FCC ruling The Federal Communications Commission of the United States declared Kaspersky security products post an unacceptable risk to the United States national security. Why? The FCC is worried that the Russian government will compel Kaspersky… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday March 2022
Patch Tuesday March 2022: computer security marches on for your small business. Apple Bytes Apple released iOS 15.4 March 15th. If you have an iPhone 12 or higher this version includes a feature for facial ID to work even if you’re wearing mask. Apple also released mac OS 12.3 Monterey and updates for Watch and… (0 comment)

Stir/Shaken Your Business Calls
Stir/Shaken: how do the new stir/shaken phone call regulations affect your business? What is Stir/Shaken? Stir/Shake is a way of verifying phone calls are legitimate. The network carrier (Telus/Rogers/Shaw) use technology to verify a number is from a real business or person. For example, Joe’s Widgets calls you from 604-555-1234. Their carrier verifies the business… (0 comment)

SolarWinds and Supply Chain Attacks
SolarWinds and Supply Chain Attacks: what do you need to know? Does this affect your business? SolarWinds Hack SolarWinds produces a monitoring and managing solution called Orion which used by a lot of IT companies and departments. The Solar Winds software was hacked. Victims of the hack include Microsoft, various U.S. federal and departments, and… (0 comment)

Flash in the bin
Flash in the bin: Adobe Flash reached it’s end of life December 31st 2020, here’s what you need to know. Hacker Flash Hackers are already using confusion around Flash and Flash Player to exploit folks. So far I’ve seen fake emails with scary instructions on removing Flash and also malicious web popups. Uninstall Flash Microsoft… (0 comment)

Can we reinstall 2020? How the coronavirus affects tech
Can we reinstall 2020? How the coronavirus affects tech. Can we reinstall 2020? This version of 2o20 definitely has a virus. And it’s affecting all the tech sectors. This is what you need to know for your business now. Tech Support All tech companies, from Apple to Microsoft to Webnames, are seeing big increases in…

Facebook jail
Facebook Jail: how does a small business owner get blocked from Facebook for 6 weeks? Missing In Action I’d missing a Facebook friend for some weeks. I like his snarky humour. But I hadn’t seen any posts from him in weeks. Was he blocked on Facebook again I wondered. How does a small business owner… (0 comment)