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Patch Tuesday March 2020: updates march on

Patch Tuesday March 2020: updates march on
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Patch Tuesday March 2020: updates march on. Most folks have had other important things on their mind but you still need to update your devices.

Apple Bytes

Apple released updates March 24th and 25th for all their products. If you’re synching your iPhone to your Windows computer you must be running the latest version of iTunes if you have updated your phone.

The Mac OS received updates. I recommend you install them as soon as possible. I have seen clients where not updating their software meant their remote access to their office do not work.

More details on the updates and how to install them here.

Adobe Agony

Adobe first patched their Reader and Acrobat products this month. Then released an important security update to Creative Cloud. Be sure to run these updates.

Microsoft Mayhem

Microsoft released patches for Windows and Office to fix over 100 security vulnerabilities this month. The big Office fix is a patch to Word that protects Outlook from booby trapped files in the preview pane.

Microsoft has already announced some patches for April so expect a big update shower next month. More details about the Microsoft March patches here.

Android Updates

Running Android on your phone or tablet? Android is a preferred target for hackers. While Google has been cleaning up their app store of malicious apps, you still need to update the core to protect from malicious links and web sites.

Information about the latest Android updates here.

Patch Tuesday March 2020

The updates march on. An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.





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