Patch Tuesday August 2021 smoking hot security patches

Patch Tuesday August 2021 smoking hot security patches for your small business

HP printers problem

There is a serious vulnerability in multiple HP printer drivers that affects Windows. Microsoft has released a couple of patches that sort of work (don’t get me started) but the best way to fix this is to get updated drivers from the HP web site. The list of printers affected is here.

This vulnerability can allow hackers to take over the computer with full admin rights.

Apple Bytes

Apple just released an updated version of iCloud for Windows (August 16th). This comes right after some security patches for Big Sur. No big security updates for Big Sur and other older Mac OS are expected until the launch of the new OS in the fall.

Lots of iOS updates for  all your iThingys in the past two months. Most fix important security vulnerabilities.

More information on all the Apple security bytes here.

Adobe Acrobat

Last month Adobe released critical security updates for Acrobat and Acrobat. If you are a Windows users that came with an update for Creative Cloud that Adobe forcefeeds  on Acrobat users.  The Creative Cloud update wreaks havoc on Windows until you run the update.

This month Adobe updated Photoshop.

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft patched 44 vulnerabilities last week. At least four of these are critical and being exploited by hackers. They included another patch to try to and fix the Windows Print Spooler vulnerability however researchers were quickly able to blow by this patch too.  I expect we will see an out of band patch to repair this patch soon.

As always make sure your data is backed up before you run Windows updates. Microsoft doesn’t always test the patches thoroughly before releasing them.

More details about the latest patches here.

Also I had a few calls from clients were not installing the patches break things including their web cam (no, really).

Patch Tuesday August 2021 lots of smoking hot security patches for your small business.