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Patch Tuesday February 2022

Patch Tuesday February 2022
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Patch Tuesday February 2022: February flowers bring security showers for your small business.

Patch Tuesday February 2022

February has turned into a light month for software patches after a busy January. All the usual suspects have security patches and unlike last month (particularly Microsoft patches) none of the patches are causing problems for users. With one notable exception.

Adobe Dark Creative Cloud

I just hate Adobe Creative Cloud. It gets forced upon Windows users as the only way to install other Adobe apps (like Acrobat). And every month Adobe releases security updates for it.

Previous updates, besides always stealing time from business to install and reboot the computer, have caused problems with other software updates. Plus the update notification always uses tons of RAM. I almost miss Flash.

Adobe released an update for Creative Cloud February 8th.

Microsoft Updates

After releasing faulty patches in January (my favorite was the one that sent Windows Server into a reboot loop), Microsoft only released patches for 70 vulnerabilities this month.

A notable update is a security for the OneDrive for Android app.

If you use Microsoft 365 products on your smartphone, you should check monthly for updates to the apps.

There were also more Print Spooler patches. Microsoft started addressing this security vulnerability last summer and since then there have been more patches almost every month since. Also updates for Excel, Office Click To Run and .NET (code used in databases and software).

More details here.

Apple Bytes

Apple released a large operating system update for Mac OS Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina. Remember, Apple no longer provides security updates for older operating systems.

iOS phone and tablets received several security updates as well as Apple Watch.

More Apple update details here.

WordPress Woes

WordPress web site folks who use UpDraftPlus for website backups need to check the plugin got updated to the latest version. This security update was forced onto millions of web site to fix a security flaw.

UpDraft developers advise you should be using version 1.22.3 (if you have the free version) and paid version 2.22.3. More details about the UpDraft update here.

Check all your web site plugins monthly.

Always a good idea to backup your data and system before installing updates. An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.

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