Patch Tuesday April 2020 Security Blossoms

Patch Tuesday April 2020 Security Blossoms: lots of updates for your small business this month.

Apple Blossoms

Apple patched a Facetime problem where people with newest iPhones couldn’t connect via Facetime to people with older models. Frequently business folks offload their older iPhones to family members so this very timely.

Apple also patched the problem where Mac OS X users were repeatedly asked for Office 365 credentials. This update also addresses a problem that could cause 2020 MacBook Airs to stop working when disconnecting some external displays and also a problem that prevents USB-C ports from working properly.

More details on the updates here.

Update 04/22 There is a critical security problem affecting iPhone and iPad Mail app. No patch yet but expect Apple to push out an update in the next week. Switch to the Outlook app until then.

Later this year Apple will release an update that will manage your laptop battery to extend its physical life. Too much heat can seriously shorten how long the battery remains charged and it’s overall life. This update could extend the life of your MacBook significantly.

Microsoft Buds

This Patch Tuesday April 2020 security blossoms from Microsoft included fixes for 4 critical updates and patched over 100 software problems. More details here.

Microsoft also updated the Teams video chat so you can use backgrounds. So far it’s only Microsoft provided backgrounds but by the end of the month you should be able to use the deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise or whatever you want.

Microsoft has announced two significant changes to Windows Updates due to the Corovirus pandemic. First, they will be only issuing security updates for the next 6 months, no major build changes to Windows after the May update. Second, they will continue producing security updates for Windows version 1809 until November. Version 1809 was released in fall 2018 and normally wouldn’t be supported past May 12th. Microsoft extended the support so businesses would have more time to test and install the update during these interesting times. If the lockdown extends into the summer I expect we will see more changes to the Windows Update process. More details here.

WordPress Blooms

WordPress WooCommerce web sites are being targeted by credit card swiper attacks. There is no patch yet for this attack. Now is the time to update the WordPress core and all plugins plus beef up your login security on your web site.

Patch Tuesday April 2020 Security Blossoms

Lots to patch this month to secure and enhance your business technology.