Patch Tuesday April 2015

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday April 2015: all the software patch news you need for your business. Hackers rely on unpatched computers to make mayhem, don’t help them.

Java Jive

Oracle released an update to Java (a great favourite of hackers) today. Go to in your browser of choice to download the latest update. This security update is for both Mac and Windows users.

Next scheduled update for Java is in July.

In other Java news, Google’s latest version of Chrome (version 42) now by default turns off the Java plugin. For now you can go into the settings and turn it back on if required to view certain web sites but that option will be gone come September. More here.


Lots of security and other patches from Apple in the last few weeks.

Critical security patch for OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, and  Mountain Lion was released on April 8th. Please make sure to run this update as soon as possible. Safari was also patched.

Also updates for Apple TV and iPhones released on April 8th. And a new version of iTunes.

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft released eleven security updates today, eight which affect all users and version of offices. And yes, you will need to reboot the computer. Expect your pc to slow down while it downloads and installs this potent patch mix. The full bulletin is here.

The patch for Office seems to cause some problems with Outlook. You may not be able to open your .pst file until after the patch is installed and the computer rebooted.

Hot Flash

It just wouldn’t be Patch Tuesday without a Hot Flash update from Adobe for Windows and Mac folks. Get it here. Be sure to uncheck the foistware Adobe has bundled with the update.

WordPress Plugins

Running WooCommerce on your web site? Time to upgrade that plugin for a serious security update. More details here.

No update for WordPress itself this month but the usual plugins all have updates: BackupBuddy, WordPress SEO, Akismet, iThemes Security and WordFence.

Next update to WordPress itself is tentatively schedule for April 22nd.

When should you schedule to install these updates? See my blog about that here.