Patch Tuesday October 2022

Patch Tuesday October 2022: an ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking. Security update news for your small business.

Adobe Acrobat Agony

Adobe released critical security updates for Acrobat and Reader (for both Windows and Mac). Hackers are already exploiting the vulnerabilities Adobe just patched.

With a security update for Acrobat there is usually a Creative Cloud Desktop update. You need to run these updates as I continue to see Windows Updates and Creative Cloud updates causing problems for each other.creative cloud update

Apple Bytes

Apple released iOS 16.0.3 for iPhone and Watch 9.0.2 October 1oth. Apple released these updates to fix some small bugs no big security updates here.

Still waiting to see if Apple will fix the bug where Watch updates mess up charging the watch. The last few Watch updates always end up with the Watch not charging properly afterwards. Only fix is to turn off the Watch (or let the battery completely drain in anguish). Then it will charge properly.

October 24th Apple will release Mac OS Ventura and iPad 16. Apple will also stop supporting some older hardware.

It’s a good idea to watch the Apple security page.

NVidia GeForce Graphics Cards Borked by Windows 11 update

Some GeForce graphics cards users took a performance hit after running a Windows 11 update. Nvidia has released a driver update to combat the Microsoft induced problem.

Even if you’re not running Windows 11 it’s a good idea to check the Nvidia (and other graphics sofware) for updates to help with performance and security.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Mayhem

Microsoft released updates October 11th to fix over 85 security problems in Windows and other Microsoft products. One of these patches fixes a zero day flaw in all versions of Windows. More details here.

There is news of a new security flaw in Exchange server. Exchange server is an on premises email server product that usually larger companies use. Exchange server is different from Exchange Online which a lot of small businesses use. With Exchange Online, Microsoft is responsible for the security updates of the servers hosting your email. For more details of what Microsoft looks after versus the small business looks after with Microsoft 365 read my blog Protect Your Cloud From Stormy Weather.

Patch Tuesday October 2022

Don’t be spooked by update problems. An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.