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Patch Tuesday June 2019

Patch Tuesday June 2019
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Patch Tuesday June 2019: all the security news you need this month for your small business.

Samsung Blue

Samsung tweeted June 17th that it’s QLED televisions need to be scanned for viruses every few weeks. They also had a video on how to scan for viruses. And then Samsung deleted tweet.

Oops! The crappy security of so-called smart tvs is supposed to be a big secret to consumers. Got a smart tv in your office? It needs to be scanned.

More on this story from the BBC.  BBC also has link to a recording of the now deleted video on how to scan your QLED for viruses.

Hot Flash

It just wouldn’t be a Patch Tuesday without a Hot Flash security patch from Adobe. Just uninstall Flash already. If a web site still requires Flash, complain to the company. Flash has been a weeping security gash for far too long.

Microsoft begs you to patch

Microsoft is still begging people to install May’s patches due to serious security flaw in Windows 7. This month Microsoft patched 88 flaws in Windows and Windows Server.

One of the patches fixes a problem some users were having with Intel graphic chips.

Office for both Windows and Mac received patches as well.

More details here.


Intel released a ton of patches last week. The ones most users will notice are for their motherboard chipset, graphics cards and Wi-Fi cards. More details here.

Apple Bytes

Apple released a new version of iCloud for Windows and also a new version iTunes. The new version of iCloud for Windows 10 is fixes many annoyances.

Apple announced new products June 3rd including the first new Mac Pro since 2015. Also a new iTouch.

Details from their keynote event here.

Information about all the Apple security updates can be found here.

Patch Tuesday June 2019

An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.


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