Patch Tuesday March 2015

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday March 2015 – just click accept to get all the updates necessary for your business.

Golden Apple

Besides all the golden bling Apple released important security updates including a patch for the Freak vulnerability yesterday. Take a bite of better security. More details here.

Earlier this month, they also updated itunes.

WordPress Woes

A ton of updates for WordPress and various plugins in the last four weeks.

First, WordPress itself is updated to version 4.1.1.

Second, the plugin updates. Most notably Fancybox has been updated after a security problem that is actively being exploited by hackers. Also updates for iThemes Security, woocommerce and WordPress SEO.

Hackers love unpatched WordPress sites (see story here). And they are targeting your web site’s visitors (see that story). Please go to your web site dashboard and click on Updates on the left hand side.

 Java Time

If you have Java installed on your pc, you should be running version 8 update 40. To check this go to Java in the Control Panel. Click the about button. That will show you the version. If you’re running an earlier version, click the Update tab or go to to get the update.

 Mozilla Firefox

The latest Firefox version is 36.0.1. Mozilla released a huge update to fix some security problems (including the one caused by Lenovo bundling Superfish on their gear) earlier this month. More on the story here.

 Windows Updates: Don’t use USB sticks until you patch!

The fine folks in Redmond released a whopping 14 patches today, all but one affecting all versions of Windows and most versions of Office (Office 365 users get the updates automatically, no installing or reboot required).

Expect your Windows computers to run slowly while they download and digest all the patches. And yes, a reboot will be required.

Windows users are advised not to use USB drives until they have patched their computers. See story here. And Microsoft patched the Freak vulnerability as well.

No Adobe Hot Flash today!

For the first time in ages, no updates for Flash or other Adobe products. Shocking. I keep checking the Adobe Security Bulletins page but no updates for March yet. Maybe the hackers are focusing on WordPress this month.

In case you missed all the hot Flash updates in January and February, go here. For Adobe Reader updates go here. Be sure to uncheck whatever crapware Adobe has bundled with the update.