What do you do when your web site gets hacked

Web site hackedWhat do you when your web site gets hacked?

I always cringe when I get a call from a business owner who has just had their web site hacked. Even if they don’t have an e-commerce portion to their web site, they’re losing money because potential clients are getting nasty warnings from their antivirus about their business or they’re getting infected. It’s very serious.

How do you prevent it?

Think of your web site like an operating system with software. You know you need to regularly patch your computer’s operating system and software to prevent hackers from getting in. WordPress is your web site’s operating system, the plugins are the software.

And hackers love attacking WordPress web sites run by small businesses. I could quote a ton of statistics for you but just install the free version of the Wordfence plugin and watch the numbers of web miscreants from all over the world poke your web site just in one hour.

So patch regularly and install security plugins on your web site. If you don’t have the time to learn how to do this, hire someone.

What do you do if site gets hacked?

Stop what you’re doing and deal with it the minute you find out. Contact your web hosting company and your web site developer.

There are third party companies that specialize in web site clean up. Sucuri comes highly recommended by web site developers and can clean up your web site in under 24 hours. And they can get your web site off the Google blacklist.