Hacked or Scraped?
Regularly I find someone saying “I’ve been hacked” and when I get more details it turns out they’ve been scraped. What’s the difference? Hacked or Scraped? Today on Facebook a friend posted “I’ve been hacked. Don’t accept friend requests from me”. In this case, a hacker has scraped her photo and personal details to create… (0 comment)

What do you when your web site gets hacked? I always cringe when I get a call from a business owner who has just had their web site hacked. Even if they don’t have an e-commerce portion to their web site, they’re losing money because potential clients are getting nasty warnings from their antivirus about… (0 comment)

Mac Malware
Mac Malware – yes, the Apple can go rotten. Not as often as Windows but more frequently these days. Hackers go after Apples now. Why? First, Apple has the largest market share it’s had in eons. Second, businesses have a lot more Apple products alongside their Windows line of business machines. Third, Apple owners are… (0 comment)

CSI Cyber Review
CSI Cyber review: the latest CSI franchise debuted last Wednesday and its focus is on the cybercrime. Unlike the previous CSI shows which are set in police department CSI sections, this spinoff is set in the FBI’s cyber crime division. The team is headed by Avery Ryan, played by Patricia Arquette (best known from the… (0 comment)