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SEO Domain Registration Scams

SEO Domain Registration Scams
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SEO Domain Registration ScamSEO or Domain Registration Scams: I get tons of calls and emails from small business owners about this type of scam.

These days you usually receive these scams via the phone but the picture above is an example of an email version of this scam that a client received recently. I have covered up my client’s information in these pictures for their privacy.

As is typical with a lot of these web based scams, everything is really IMPORTANT. And about to EXPIRE. Hurry, hurry or your business will miss out on being robbed! Be wary of emails from strangers urging you to act quickly.

This type of scam exploits ignorance about SEO and/or domain registration. If you have registered your business domain name, which company is it registered with? When does it expire? If you know this information you are less likely to get scammed by these folks.

SEO Scam

The fine print magnified

If you read the fine print carefully you’ll note that it states “We do not register or renew domain names”. However the email is designed to look like a domain renewal form. And the price is (see picture below) is closer to what a domain registration could cost (if a bit on the high side) than what a year of proper SEO would cost.

SEO or search engine optimization for only $64 a year? The only thing that will optimize you for is getting scammed. If the price seems to good to be true it’s a scam.

How do you protect your business?

  1. Keep your domain registration information someplace safe and close to hand. Know when it expires.
  2. Know your suppliers/vendors and their pricing.
  3. Read the fine print. Does it match what they’re selling?
  4. Be aware of what scams are targeting small businesses.
  5. Do act immediately by checking if it’s real and then deleting the scam.

One more picture from this particular scam so you know what to look for.

SEO scam

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