iOS 16: some great features for small business owners
iOS 16: some great features for small business owners. Apple releases iOS 16 Apple released the latest iOS version September 12th. Lots of new features. I want to focus on some of the ones business owners will find useful. Edit and delete text messages Yes, finally, you can edit and even delete sent text messages… (0 comment)

Apple News Roundup June 2022
Apple News Roundup June 2022: a product launch event, important end of life announcement, and charger news from the EU. Apple News Roundup June 2022 Lots of Apple Bytes this month. Apple launched several new products at their developer event June. There’s a handsome new 13 inch MacBook Pro with the new M2 processor that… (0 comment)

watch OS 7.4 makes it easy to unlock your iPhone
Tired of entering your passcode on your iPhone? Mask getting in the way of FaceID? Apple’s latest update to the iWatch makes it easy to unlock your iPhone. Apple Updates Apple released updates to all its iThingys April 26th. Besides updates to iOS for iPhones, there was a major update to the Watch. According to… (0 comment)

iOS 13 review
iOS 13 review: Apple just released a major upgrade for iPhones and yes, you should update. Going Dark The biggest visual change is the Dark Mode option. I should say Dark Mode options. Besides having a permanent dark mode option you can also set it to turn on at specific times like in the evening… (0 comment)

Mac Malware
Mac Malware – yes, the Apple can go rotten. Not as often as Windows but more frequently these days. Hackers go after Apples now. Why? First, Apple has the largest market share it’s had in eons. Second, businesses have a lot more Apple products alongside their Windows line of business machines. Third, Apple owners are… (0 comment)

Need to find hidden info on your mac? Want to install software but don’t know if you have the right version of operating system. Here’s how to find that information. Serial Number When your Mac needs support, you often have to provide the serial number of your laptop or desktop computer. The easiest way to… (0 comment)

This past July, Microsoft released a new mail app for iOS devices, called OWA for iPhone, and OWA for iPad. It uses Microsoft’s attractive, but sometimes hard-to-understand, Metro user interface – the same used in Windows 8 and Windows Phone products. Before this app was released iPad and iPhone users with Office 365 mailboxes would… (0 comment)

2012 may be over but I’m still going to follow three stories from last year all this year. First big story is the response of Apple to the Mac Flashback Trojan last summer. Apple was taking way too long to update Java for their users and then denied for several days there was a problem.… (0 comment)

Amongst all the other Apple toys released in the last two months (iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad nano and Touch among others) came the new Earpods, the first redesign of iPod/iPhone headphones from the folks at Cupertino. And just in time for Christmas. Definitely these headphones are a nice stocking stuffer price ranging from $34.99… (0 comment)

Is Apple 10 years behind Microsoft for security?
Kaspersky founder & CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, was recently asked in an interview about Apple security. His response is that Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft in security. Over the top? Accurate after the Apple Flashback debacle? Kaspersky trying to get people to buy his mac antivirus?   I think it’s over the top. Apple has… (0 comment)