Disaster Recovery 2021
Disaster Recovery 2021: in the past 6 months we’ve seen heat domes, raging fires, a massive Facebook faceplant, water spouts and now floods. How do you prepare your business for disaster recovery? The last time I wrote about disaster recovery was after a wind storm. We’re now facing more frequent weather disruptions. Like a lot… (0 comment)

Lessons for business from the #BCstorm
Lessons for business from the #BCStorm: were you prepared? Unless you were totally disconnected from the digital world, turned off all radios and tv or in a coma, you were warned that heavy rainfall and wild winds were going to hit the Lower Mainland on Saturday. Was your business prepared? If the power goes out… (0 comment)

The dust is still settling after the GoDaddy GoGone snafu on Monday for thousands of businesses whose web sites went dark for about 6 hours. Who or what caused the problem? Right now, GoDaddy is saying that they were not hacked and that the problem was caused by corrupted router tables that broke their DNS.… (0 comment)