Ransomware Rampages
Ransomware Rampages: seems like every week there’s another municipality or company making headlines for being ransomware victims. Why so many? How? Ransomware Review What is ransomware? It’s a type of malware that encrypts files on computers. The ransomware generates a key to decrypt the files that the victim has to pay to get. Ransomware can… (0 comment)

Lessons for business from the #BCstorm
Lessons for business from the #BCStorm: were you prepared? Unless you were totally disconnected from the digital world, turned off all radios and tv or in a coma, you were warned that heavy rainfall and wild winds were going to hit the Lower Mainland on Saturday. Was your business prepared? If the power goes out… (0 comment)

One minute you’re working away peacefully, the next you’re reading a message from Windows that your c: hard drive is about to fail and you have 30 minutes to back up your data. Can you recover quickly from computer failure? I got that c: hard drive failure message last week late on weeknight. Thirty minutes… (0 comment)