Surge Protect Your Tech
Surge Protect Your Tech: how do you buy a surge protector for your computer equipment? Why not a power strip? Power strip vs Surge Protector Power strips just split your outlet up for you. They do not protect your equipment from surges. Surge protectors are designed to protect your equipment up to so many joules.… (0 comment)

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Review
One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is how dirty their screens get. And how quickly given we touch screens all the time. I get asked what is the safest way to clean the screen (be it mobile, wearable tech, desktop or laptop). Most window cleaning products contain ammonium which etches the screen… (0 comment)

Driver hell
Driver hell: no I’m not talking about the commute, I’m talking about computer drivers. What happens when you search for computer drivers. What are computer drivers? Drivers are software that tell your computer how to work with a device attached or installed on your computer. Classic example is a printer driver or a graphics card… (0 comment)

Lessons for business from the #BCstorm
Lessons for business from the #BCStorm: were you prepared? Unless you were totally disconnected from the digital world, turned off all radios and tv or in a coma, you were warned that heavy rainfall and wild winds were going to hit the Lower Mainland on Saturday. Was your business prepared? If the power goes out… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday November 2014 – you’re invited to a Masqued attack. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user. Apple was informed back in July about a vulnerability in iOS 7 and 8 that allows hackers to install apps on an iPhone or iPad from an email or text message replacing a legitimate app with a… (0 comment)

One minute you’re working away peacefully, the next you’re reading a message from Windows that your c: hard drive is about to fail and you have 30 minutes to back up your data. Can you recover quickly from computer failure? I got that c: hard drive failure message last week late on weeknight. Thirty minutes… (0 comment)

Mac Flashback Malware
There’s been a lot of coverage of the mac Flashback malware recently ( ), particularly as over 100,000 Canadian macs are among the infected. So why all fuss? What does it all mean? First, for those diehard mac fanbois out there, the myth of mac invulnerability has been laid to rest. This malware did not… (0 comment)

Old joke. There are two kinds of people: those who have a computer backup and those who will. The average business owner has anywhere from 10GB to 25GB uncompressed data, add another 5GB per employee computer depending on the nature of the business and how much of an e-hoarder you are. So how do you… (1 comment)

How often do you see someone with a cracked screen on their smart phone? Or know someone who dropped their expensive smart phone/tablet? Do you have inquiring kids and curious pets? After I forked over $500 for my Blackberry Playbook tablet, I immediately started to look for ways to protect it from cracked screen and drop… (0 comment)