Protect your mobile devices

How often do you see someone with a cracked screen on their smart phone? Or know someone who dropped their expensive smart phone/tablet? Do you have inquiring kids and curious pets?

After I forked over $500 for my Blackberry Playbook tablet, I immediately started to look for ways to protect it from cracked screen and drop damage.

And found Otterbox. These fine folks make various levels of protective cases for phones and tablets. Future Shop has Otterbox cases available online but Best Buy has them in store if you want to see one before purchasing.

The Playbook case cost $79.99. Includes a screen protector that works wonderfully, I found it easier to use the touchscreen with it. Has a nice little camera shutter that protects the lens from dust. And has a built in stand with two angles.

If you find putting your device into the case confusing, Otterbox has videos to help you.

Now my tablet is safe when shoved into my knapsack with all my other equipment and in the kitchen when I try out recipes from Cooks Illustrated.

It costs a lot to replace a smart phone or tablet, invest in protection for it.