Keep your hot tech cool

Keep your hot tech cool: heat can damage your tech equipment.

Keep your hot tech cool

It’s summer and offices are heating up. Heat can damage computers, servers, routers and other tech equipment. Equipment may not die right away from heat but can start behaving erratically. Worst case scenario is overheated equipment can catch fire.

Even though you may not be in the office over weekends, you need to keep your equipment cool over the weekends. Last summer a client moved into an office where the building management decided not to run the air conditioner over the weekends. I went in one Sunday to do work on the server and was just about bowled over by the heat. Client now runs a fan over the weekends to keep the server and network equipment cool.

Ensure Air Flow

Make sure equipment is spaced so the air can flow around it. Install a rackmount. See my blog Organize your rack to prevent ruin

Clean the fans off

Another simple way to keep the equipment cool is to regularly clean off the fans. Don’t use a vacuum. I know it’s tempting however vacuums can shock electrical equipment. Use a microfiber cloth and a duster can. Make sure fan vents are not blocked. I once had a client call with desktop behaving erratically after being on for an hour. Turned out she had blocked all the computer fans with boxes and paper. Computer was overheating.

You can avoid expensive heat damage to your small office equipment by keeping cool.