Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Review

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is how dirty their screens get. And how quickly given we touch screens all the time. I get asked what is the safest way to clean the screen (be it mobile, wearable tech, desktop or laptop).

Most window cleaning products contain ammonium which etches the screen and leaves a filmy residue. You need to use an ammonium and alcohol free cleaner. Not all screen cleaners are created equal.

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Review

I found Whoosh! on the Staples website when I was looking for just one more thing to get free shipping. Happy day.  I bought the Whoosh! Shine Go kit which contains a purse sized 1 fluid oz cleaner bottle and cute little antimicrobial cloth a reuseable and recloseable plastic pack. Perfect for on the go.

Whoosh! definitely outperformed my old screen cleaner. I tested it on my tablet. I cleaned one side with my old screen cleaner and microfiber cloth and the other side with the Whoosh! Shine Go kit. The Whoosh! side was much cleaner. And this the first cleaner I’ve used that makes my Lenovo laptop with the matte finish screen really look clean.

Whoosh! also leaves a smudge resistant film on your device. I noticed that my phone and my tablet don’t need to be cleaned as much since switching.

Why Bother Cleaning All Those Screens?

Screen smudges make you squint and cause eyestrain. Cleaning the dust off your devices can reduce allergy symptoms. And you reduce the germs. Phones and tablets are really bad for germs. One study found that phones have 10 times more germs than toilet seats.

Where can you get Whoosh!?

Besides Staples, you can get Whoosh! from the Whoosh! web site store and I found  the 500ml bottle on sale at Canadian Tire on the weekend. It’s a purely Canadian product. The Whoosh! folks were originally working on making auto detailing products when someone spilled their cleaner on their iPad. Click for the whole Whoosh! creation story .

Disclaimer: I don’t own Whoosh! stocks and I’m not getting paid for this review.