Patch Tuesday September 2018

Patch Tuesday September 2018: all the monthly security update news you need for your small business.

Apple Updates

Apple held their annual new product show last week. At the same time Apple announced all the software and operating system updates coming out and their release dates.

The latest version of iThingy (iPhone, iPad) software, iOS 12 is being released September 17. This update will work on iPhone 5S and above. The iWatch, Apple TV and Homepod products get their new OS on the same day. iTunes received an update on the 12th to make it compatible with iOS 12 devices.

Mac OS Mojave will be released a week later September 24th. New features include dynamic wallpapers that change during the day, gallery view in Finder and true dark mode. The Mac OS will also have important security updates. Mojave is supposed to be compatible with MacBooks 2015 and up, MacBook Air mid 2012 and up, MacBook Pro mid 2015 and up, Mac Mini late 2012 and up, iMac late 2012 and up, iMac Pro 2017, some Mac Pro depending on the GPU. More details here.

Here’s a roundup on the new Apple products that were announced on September 12th.

Microsoft moves closer to the Edge

Microsoft released their patches on the 11th. One of the really annoying features of the latest update is that Windows 10 will nag you more to use Microsoft Edge as the default internet browser. It’s bad enough that Edge tries to become the default PDF reader. But now if you do anything with another browser, the operating system comes up with dialog boxes encouraging you to switch back to Edge. Sigh. You think Microsoft would have learned from Adobe’s mistake of bundling unwanted software with security updates.

And you do need the latest Windows updates. Microsoft has patched a remote code flaw that can be triggered just by viewing an image file in Windows. That’s something most users don’t associate with viral evil and hence they’re not as careful with local image files as compared to browser popup dialog boxes.

61 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products were patched including some for Office. More details here.

Hot Flash

Amazing. There was only one security hole plugged in Flash by Adobe last week. Only one. I can’t wait for the official end of life for Flash Player in 2020. Anyone who has Flash on their web site need to get rid of it.

WordPress Wonders

WordPress core version is at 4.9.8. There have updates for several popular plugins including JetPack, Yoast SEO, Contact 7 and Updraft Plus. Be sure to update your WordPress web site once a month.

Patch Tuesday September 2018

Remember an ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking. Schedule time to update all your devices this month.

Patch Tuesday WordPress September 2018