Patch Tuesday August 2018

Patch Tuesday August 2018: all the monthly patch news you need for your business. Patch Tuesday is second Tuesday of the month when software vendors like Microsoft and Adobe release their monthly patches.

Another Hot Flash

Adobe released patches for Flash this month. What a surprise. If you’re using Chrome, Flash gets updated (and sandboxed) automatically. The Windows Edge Explorer gets updated via Windows Updates. Firefox you need to update manually by going to .

Also there was more patch love for Adobe Acrobat and Reader. You can update those by clicking on Help on the menu and then click on Check For Updates.

Creative Cloud software was also patched.

Microsoft Bumper Patch Crop

Microsoft released patches to fix over 60 vulnerabilities. Most of the patches have to do with security problems in Edge and Internet Explorer.

There are also updates for all versions of Office including Office for Mac.

Java Jive

Oracle released version 8 build 181 of Java on July 17th. Java is used on some web sites and in some business programs (like Canpar). Best way to update this is to go to .

No Bite of the Apple

Apple hasn’t released any updates this month. No doubt they’re saving all the goodies for their September 24th event when they’ll trot out new products. You can find out more about what new products are expected from .

Patch Tuesday August 2018

Take some time to update all your devices this month. Make sure you have a good backup first.

An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.