Patch Tuesday February 2015

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday February 2015: one of the top reasons hackers love small businesses is that they don’t patch their software. Get ahead of the hackers and patch your business technology.

Hot Flash x 3

In the last four weeks, Adobe has released not one, not two but THREE patches for Flash. All these patches fixed security holes that hackers are using on the web to infect computers. Infect Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Best place to get the flash update is here. Remember to uncheck whatever unwanted crapware Adobe tries to bundle with this security update.


Oracle released a new version of Java for both Windows and Mac computers. Java is a type of code used by web sites, particularly banking. Out of date Java installations are used by hackers to infect your computer. Get the update here. Remember to uncheck whatever unwanted crapware, usually that incredibly annoying Ask Toolbar/Search, that they’ve bundled with the update.

Broken Windows

Microsoft released a security patch today that protects all version of Windows (except Server 2003) from a serious flaw. They also released two other critical patches (one affecting all versions of Internet Explorer) and six other updates Microsoft has rated important including one that affects Office. Yes, you will need to reboot the computer. More details here.

WordPress Plugin Woes

Major security hole patched in the Fancybox plugin for WordPress. And then there was a patch to fix what the security patch broke in functionality. You can check to see if you have this plugin on your WordPress site by clicking on Plugins on the left hand bar.

I recommend you get a security plugin like WordFence that notifies you when your web site plugins need updating.

Apple sings a new tune

Apple released an update for iTunes affecting both Windows and Mac. Keep your computer security humming along by updating your software.