Get Windows 10 for free

Get Windows 10 freeMicrosoft announced yesterday that you can get Windows 10 for free starting July 29.

And they’re advertising how to get it on your taskbar. That little white window that’s just shown up is not malware, it’s advertising.

Clicking on the white window logo in taskbar will start the process. You reserve your copy of Windows 10 and come July 29th it will download. Then you choose when to install it.

Should you do it?

Why do you want to upgrade? If you’re a Windows 8 user, you will get your old start menu back. Both Windows 8 and 7 users will benefit from the new security features.

Why shouldn’t you upgrade? If you’re using third party (non-Microsoft) mission critical software that hasn’t been tested yet or approved for Windows 10. Examples: Point of Sale software, accounting software. The Get Windows 10 application has a check your pc option that examines your software for compatibility problems. See the video below for how to access that.

The upgrade will only be free a year. After that you’re shelling out over $100.

More details from Microsoft on the upgrade here.

Here’s my video on how to reserve your copy: