Flash in the bin

Flash in the bin: Adobe Flash reached it’s end of life December 31st 2020, here’s what you need to know.

Hacker Flash

Hackers are already using confusion around Flash and Flash Player to exploit folks. So far I’ve seen fake emails with scary instructions on removing Flash and also malicious web popups.

Uninstall Flash

Microsoft removed Flash from their browsers back in December via Windows Updates. Google and other major browsers also removed Flash via updates.

To check if you still have Flash Player installed in Windows, go to the Start button, Settings (the gear icon).  Click Apps. Scroll through the list of Apps on the right hand side. Click Adobe Flash and then click Uninstall.

What is Flash?

Flash Player made web videos happen. Also bad web ads. It was easy to create web content with. And a huge security hole for years. This article details the rise and fall of Flash here.

End of Life

Adobe warned that Flash support would end December 2020 almost three years ago. Some companies were still caught out. Chinese railroad was crippled for a day as they used Flash based software to railroad operations.

Adobe does have a plan for those companies that unbelievably are still reliant on Flash technology. Their enterprise EOL (End of Life) statement is here.

Business owners should be aware of the risks of using out of date technology. The plug will be pulled on you.