Buying new iPhone 15 part 1

Buying New iPhone 15 part 1: lots to consider buying the new iPhone 15. Here are some tips about purchasing the new iPhone 15. Part 2 will deal with set up, new features and tips.

Buying New iPhone 15 part 1

Do you need the iPhone 15 or will the older iPhone 14 work for you? The main technical difference between the two models is better camera and slightly more rugged design. The cost difference is roughly between $100 to $400 per model plus the new accessories required for the iPhone 15.

If you require a lot of high quality pictures for your business (interior design, painting, real estate), then the iPhone 15 is for you. But you will need to fork out for new accessories.

iPhone 15 requires new case

Yes, the iPhone 15 (any version) requires a new case. 

The regular iPhone 15 is slightly taller than the regular iPhone 14.

The iPhone 15 Plus is closer in size to the iPhone 14 Plus. However if you just forked out over $1200 (minimum) for the new Plus do you want cheap out on a case that may not protect the phone properly? 

The size difference (and button placement) gets worse with Pro and Pro Max models. See Do iPhone 14 cases fit the iPhone 15.

Unfortunately a lot of manufacturers and stores have been literally putting iPhone 15 compatible labels on older cases that are NOT iPhone 15.

Caveat Emptor.

USB C charging

The new iPhone 15 flavors all charge via USB C instead of lightning. 

Your old accessories such clock chargers will not work with the new iPhone 15.

Also when you buy the iPhone 15 you are only provided with a charging cable no plug (and no earpods either). 

I recommend purchasing the USB C plug from Apple. Apple actually priced this reasonably at $25. Don’t take a chance with knock off plugs that might damage your phone investment or start fires.

Moving your Authenticator App

You need to research and plan how you will move your authenticator app to your new iPhone. With so many crucial business accounts now requiring multi-factor authentication you don’t want to locked out of your banking, payroll or other mission critical apps because you switched phones and can’t get back in.

Every authenticator app has their own backup and move process. I use the Microsoft Authenticator which uses iBackup for most of the move (more on this in Part 2).

Apple Care

You’ve spent over $1200, why not get a little insurance for your new phone? 

The new phone comes with limited warranty and 90 days support. Replacing the screen for iPhone 15 estimate is $365. 

Apple Care cost to replace iPhone 15 is $39 for screen or back glass damage. That’s on top the annual or monthly Apple Care cost (see table). More details on Apple Care for iPhone here.

Other new iPhone considerations

One of the reasons I bought now is my old XR model still gets a good trade in rebate from Apple, enough to cover the cost of new accessories (over $150).

This time I went with the smaller model iPhone 15. I found the XR a little big for my hands, my pockets and my bags. Other reviewers with larger hands have indicated they find the new iPhone 15 larger models either too small for their hands or too big. Now the new iPhones are out in the stores you could try holding the different sizes before buying.

I don’t do a lot of business from my phone that requires reading documents, long emails or extra precision/picture quality. Does the way you do business require you to use your phone that way? 

Prepping your old iPhone

When you purchase the new iPhone from Apple, Apple provides extra iCloud space for backing up and transfer to your new phone. Apple provides the space for 21 days. 

Make sure you include your Apple Watch data in the backup to help with moving that over to the new phone.

In Buying new iPhone 15 part 2 I will cover setting up the new iPhone plus some new features and tips.