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Old joke. There are two kinds of people: those who have a computer backup and those who will.

The average business owner has anywhere from 10GB to 25GB uncompressed data, add another 5GB per employee computer depending on the nature of the business and how much of an e-hoarder you are.

So how do you keep all that valuable information safe?

Three choices: on site backup drive, off site or a combination of both.

And I mean backup drive not CDs, not DVDs and certainly not USB flash drives. With burned CDs and DVDs you run the risk of your next computer not being able to read them. Flash drives were never designed for long term multiple read writes (perfectly good for short term taking files to your accountant or graphic designer but not backup).

Network backup drive

Luckily external USB hard drives are really cheap these days, you can get 1TB drives for about $100. Network drives (great for businesses with several computers to backup) are closer to $250 and the really fancy network drives that are mirrored and can be accessed via the Internet are running about $350 to $500. All these drives come with backup software. Your operating system usually has a built-in backup software as well. This is the cheapest solution.

With multiple external drives, you rotate the drives off site for extra protection (from flood, fire, earthquake).

Or you can backup over the Internet. There are many companies offering this service with different pricing. Pricing is usually based per GB of compressed data. I usually work with IBackup which has been around for over 10 years and is based in the U.S. If you don’t like the idea of your data being subject to U.S. law or your business is required by law to store your data in Canada, I suggest backbonesystems.ca . This is the more expensive option.

I use a combination of both onsite and offsite backup. To cut back on the costs I only backup my mission critical data (email, quickbooks, business and client folders) online. Everything else gets backed up to another drive daily. I do recommend daily for most businesses.

Make sure you have the right backup for your business. Give me a call so you can get pricing based on your business needs.

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  • Thanks for reminding me Sarah, If it’s easy to b/u with the 1TB flash-drive, then that’s the one for me. I’ll check it out.


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