Telus credit card charge outrage

Telus credit card charge outrage: let’s make the future more expensive.

Telus credit card charge outrage

In August Telus announced they have requested the CRTC allow them to charge consumers 1.5% for using credit cards to pay. If your Telus bill is $100 and you use a credit card to pay, Telus will tack on $1.50 then add taxes. Details here.

The CRTC will respond to their request October 12th. Telus has assumed the CRTC will rubber stamp approval and has already sent notices to their customers it will take effect on their October bill. Telus was in such a rush to grab this money they couldn’t pay their designer to finish the notification properly. See below.Telus credit card charge notice


Consumer outrage

Naturally consumers are outraged. Most of the comments on social media use lots of bad words and strong language. Just search hashtag #Telus.

One person suggested that everyone pay  via good old fashioned cheques which would cost Telus lots of money to process.

Business outrage

If CRTC rubber stamps this charge (whatever happened to taking credit cards as a cost of business?) it won’t take long before Telus charges businesses for paying via credit card.

It’s not like Telus is hurting for cash. Their gross profit for their last year ending in June 2022 was $8.345 BILLION an 11.29% increase over the year before. So why this cash grab? Just a bit piggy.

So much for let’s make the future friendly. More like let’s make the future expensive.

Here’s how to complain to the CRTC.

Update October 18th

The CRTC has bravely decided to postpone their decision about this until December 6th. Telus has gone ahead and started charging consumers the credit card charge. More here.