Chips Ahoy!

Avast chipmates! Maritime related tech news for your business.

Chips Ahoy!

The longshore workers are striking at the three biggest B.C. ports. How does this affect your business? Already the strike has delayed shipments of computers and other electronics. For example, one of my clients ordered two Lenovo laptops which were due to be delivered this week. Lenovo has delayed delivery until the end of July.

Most electronics come from Asia and arrive in Canada through the ports affected by the strike.¬† The International Longshore Workers’ Union says the B.C. Maritime Employers’ Association has left the table for a third time hoping the federal government will step in and end the strike. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has called for the federal government to end the strike. The chamber estimates the costs of the strike for the national economy at $5.5 billion a week. Other experts peg the cost at around $250 million a week.

Experts say businesses will really start feeling the equipment shortage after two weeks.

Chips Ahoy! Maritime related tech news for your business
Port of Vancouver July 5th

Going off the rails

Another result of this strike, companies that export from Vancouver¬† are hurting. CPKC, previously known as Canadian Pacific Rail, has placed “temporary embargoes” on export traffic to the port of Vancouver.

CPKC claims that other goods are getting across the country.

Ransomware sinks Japanese port

Lockbit louts sunk the port of Nagoya July 5th. The port managed to recover by July 6th. The port of Nagoya is the busiest harbour in Japan, they moved 2.68 million containers in 2022.

How did they recover so quickly? A ransomware incident plan. Do you have a ransomware incident plan? Chips ahoy! If you don’t create a plan and get hit by ransomware your business will end up at the bottom of Davey Jones’ locker. More about the effects of ransomware rampages.