Take The Force With You

Take The Force With You: how do you charge your devices on the go? On the average work day, I carry or wear at least three devices I need for my business. That’s about average for office road warriors. It’s not uncommon that I end up out on the road at a client’s longer than expected and one of those devices needs to be charged.

It’s usually my phone that needs charging.  And I just got a new Fitbit device that connects to the phone via Bluetooth which will drain the battery faster. It never fails that when the phones needs charging, I need the only plug for my laptop too.

How Do You Charge Your Devices On The Go?

There are a lot more portable charging options out there now. And the prices have dropped on this technology.

How do choose portable chargers? First thing I looked at was does it work with all of my devices? How heavy is it? I’m already carrying a laptop, a snake’s nest of cables, two screwdriver sets, personal items and usually equipment for a client. I wanted something light and compact. I also wanted something contained so I wouldn’t get those cables mixed in with all the network and video cables in my bag.

Take The Force With You

For years I have been buying Mimoco flash drives. Mimoco also makes Star  Wars themed portable power chargers, the MimoPower line. I got Rey MimoPowerTube. Including the handy pouch and cables, it only weighs 80grams. It’s compact. It’s designed the charge smartphones, portable speakers, cameras, e-readers, with USB 5 volt input. The included cables works with Android phones.

Once charged (takes about 3 hours to charge), it can recharge a near completely depleted smartphone 1.5 times.

Cost $21.99 USD plus shipping and duties. Take the Force With You.