Ergo New Keyboard

Ergo new keyboard: should you buy an ergonomic keyboard? Do they actually prevent injury?  Maybe.

Ergonomic keyboards

No one agrees on what a real ergonomic keyboard. Slanted? Special wrist rest? Keyboard split in halves? Studies show that they don’t seem to make much difference for a lot of folks. Other studies indicate that ergonomic keyboards just change where you put the strain on your body.

Ergonomic Considerations:

  • Are you a touch typist?
  • Do you spend a lot of time at the keyboard?
  • Do you need a numeric keypad?
  • Do you want clicky loud keys like the old typewriters?
  • Do you want to spend over $100
  • Are you ready to learn a new key layout?
  • Wired or wireless?

Ergo new keyboard

I’m a touch typist and I love using ergonomic keyboards. My trusty 7 year old Microsoft Sculpt keyboard finally died.  Ergo new keyboard.

Logitech Ergo K860

I decided to buy a Logitech Ergo K860 wireless keyboard. It’s close to the Microsoft Sculpt in appearance (I just loved the look of the Sculpt) however the keyboard layout is closer to a traditional keyboard. I never did quite like the keyboard layout on the Sculpt. Also the numeric keypad is attached unlike with the Sculpt.

Wireless looks tidier. I always keep a wired mouse and wired keyboard handy just in case (usually just in case means Windows updates does something funky with wireless devices).

The keys are not loud and clicky like some ergonomic keyboards. If you’re nostalgic about the sound and feel of typewriters, Ergodox makes keyboards where you can custom order the sound and feel of the keys. You can also customize the keyboard colour, if the keys are printed or black, tent kits, etc. if you want to spend over $300US.ergodox ez

The Logitech Ergo does not come with a tent kit. What’s a tent kit? Tent kits help you customize the height and tilt of the keyboard. In the picture above you can see the tent kits attached to the wings of the keyboard. You can also see the linear keys of the Ergodox keyboard.

The Logitech Ergo won’t break the bank. Staples has them for $149.99.