Battery fire season
Battery fire season: Vancouver fire officials warn of a spike of lithium ion battery fires. What are the warning signs? How do you avoid battery fire season? Battery Fire Season So far this year overcharging lithium ion battery fires caused five deaths in Vancouver according to the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service. From 2016 to… (0 comment)

Windows 11 releases in October
Windows 11 releases in October: how does this affect your business? Windows 10 support No, your Windows 10 computers will not be obsolete in October. Microsoft stated that Windows 10 will be supported until late 2025. In the past Microsoft supported Windows XP and Windows 7 well past the original end of life date. You… (0 comment)

Work from home 2021
Work from home 2021: it’s been a year since the pandemic lockdown, what have we learned? Work from home 2021 Zoombombing, VPNs, webcams, porting office phone lines, there’s been a lot of tech changes for small business this year. What have we learned from all this? As one Texas lawyer recently found out to the… (0 comment)

Ergo New Keyboard
Ergo new keyboard: should you buy an ergonomic keyboard? Do they actually prevent injury?  Maybe. Ergonomic keyboards No one agrees on what a real ergonomic keyboard. Slanted? Special wrist rest? Keyboard split in halves? Studies show that they don’t seem to make much difference for a lot of folks. Other studies indicate that ergonomic keyboards… (0 comment)

Your Right To Repair
Underneath the mounds of ever increasing e-waste lies an important legal issue, your right to repair. Your Right To Repair What is Right to Repair? You can be excused if you haven’t heard of it before, the tech giants have been fighting to suppress it for years. Right to repair is the right for ordinary… (0 comment)

Spring Clean Your Tech
Spring Clean Your Tech: how do you tidy up all those cables and old devices? Spring Clean Your Tech Almost every client’s office that I go to has a box, a box brimming with cables, old devices and other tech detritus. And I always help the client go through it to see what the cables… (0 comment)

Take The Force With You
Take The Force With You: how do you charge your devices on the go? On the average work day, I carry or wear at least three devices I need for my business. That’s about average for office road warriors. It’s not uncommon that I end up out on the road at a client’s longer than… (0 comment)

Avoid The Monitor Blues
Recently chemists discovered how blue light from digital devices speeds blindness. How do you avoid the monitor blues? Avoid The Monitor Blues After I read the article from about how blue light causes retinol to destroy photoreceptors in your eyes, I went hunting for a better monitor.  Too much blue light from digital devices… (0 comment)

Epson Small-In-One Printers
Epson Small-In-One Printers: great printer for the small where you don’t print lots of pages but lots of pretty. What is a Small-In-One? Epson’s Small-In-Ones are compact inkjet printers. What makes it compact is the control panel and the output tray flip out when you print. When not printing, the printer is a perfect tight… (0 comment)

Logitech Z623 speakers review
Logitech Z623 speakers: best boom for buck. I decluttered my stereo years ago.  I was listening to music while working at my computer more and I have a small apartment. So I invested in really good computer 2.1 speakers and a great sound card. Much cheaper than a stereo and takes up less space. 2.1… (0 comment)