Patch Tuesday May 2015

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday May 2015: April showers bring lots May security patches for all your devices.

Bite of the Apple

Apple released patches to fix three web kit problems on Safari for OS X Mountain Lion, Maverick and Yosemite. The patches were released May 7th.

No word on whether these web kit security holes also affect the Safari browser on iPhones and iPads and other iThingys. More information here.

Adobe Reader

For the first time in ages the big Adobe security patch for the month is for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat for both Windows and Mac. This affects versions 10 and 11.

And our monthly favourite, the Adobe Hot Flash is back again with a critical update. I just can’t wait for Adobe to either improve this product or for someone else to replace it with something more secure out of the gate.


Executives at Microsoft keep trying to get rid of Patch Tuesday, first by trying to rebrand it as Update Tuesday and now they’re promising it will totally change with Windows 10.

As Windows 10 hasn’t been rolled out yet, I’m waiting to see what happens there.

In the mean time, Microsoft rolled out 13 security patches affecting Internet Explorer, Silverlight, Office and Windows.

Expect your PC computers to slow down and need rebooting while digesting this round of updates.


Tons of WordPress updates in the last month. First WordPress itself is now at version 4.2.2.

With that update, most of the popular plugins require security updates as well.

Find some time to update your web site or hire someone like me or your web designer to do it for you.