Patch Tuesday September 2014

Secure safety fraud

Patch Tuesday September 2014 – it’s that time again. Protect your business tech assets from over 80% of all the internet nasties by installing software patches monthly.

WordPress Updates

WordPress 4.0 was released last week. This version is focused more on making it easier to manage and compose than on security.

Lots of updates for plugins: BackUpBuddy, IFenceSecurity, Akismet (spam blocker) and WordPressSEO all updated. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress control panel and check for updates. I highly recommend WordFence to secure your company WordPress web site and to let you know when your plugins needs updating.

Another Hot Flash

Adobe only has a hot Flash update this month for all platforms (yes, you Mac users are included again). Click here to get the Flash update.

No updates for that other hacker favourite Adobe Reader this month. Not sure if your version is up to date? In Adobe Reader, click on the Help menu and then click Check For Updates.

Apple iOS8 and more

Apple will release iOS 8 later this month. Before you rush off to upgrade, be aware that the update might affect other programs/apps you rely on. Payfirma just sent an email advising their credit card processing clients that the update might cause instability in their app (among others).

In the wake of the celebrity iCloud account hacks, I expect Apple will soon be upgrading iCloud account security. Currently the security focuses on protecting your credit card not on protecting your files. Watch for iCloud updates in the coming weeks.

Just a reminder that Apple released an important security update for Safari last month. Be sure to install that update if you use Safari.

Microsoft Updates

September is a light month for Microsoft Updates. Only one critical patch for Internet Explorer affecting all current versions of Windows (current being Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8). One important patch for Windows. Yes, you will need to reboot after installing but it should be quick this month with only two patches affecting most users.

The easiest way to get Windows Updates is to go the Control Panel (Windows 7 & Vista Click Start and Control Panel, Windows 8 click Windows key + I ) and click on Windows Updates. Click on check for updates on the left hand side menu.

Patch monthly and avoid internet perils.