Patch Tuesday August 2014

Patch Tuesday
Patch Tuesday

It’s that marvelous time of the month again, Patch Tuesday. And there’s lots to patch.


If you’ve been wondering about why your pc keeps asking for Java (you know that little orange and white coffee symbol that keeps popping up and asking you if you want some company called Oracle to fix your coffee for you), there were two updates released. The second one was to fix some coding on web sites that the first update broke. Hackers love exploiting unpatched Java flaws so update your Java. If you are not sure how, see my blog and video here.

Time for a hot flash

What would Patch Tuesday be without a hot Flash. Another update for Adobe Flash was released today. But the most important update from Adobe today was for the ubiquitous Adobe Reader. Update this one pronto as the patch protects you from a flaw that hackers are actively exploiting at this time. In Reader, go to the Help menu and click Check for Updates.


WordPress released version 3.9.2 recently. Be sure to log in to your web site and update to the latest version. If you don’t know how, call me. Also two WordPress Plugins are being actively exploited by hackers, Constant Contact Forms and GMedia Gallery Plugin. Go to the Plugins menu to check if your site is using those plugins and update from there.

Update Tuesday

Microsoft announced last week they were renaming Patch Tuesday to Update Tuesday. Nice way of avoiding how many security patches their products require. The fine folks at Redmond released nine patches today correcting 37 bugs. Expect your pc to slow down while it downloads and installs all these patches and yes, you will need to reboot.

Remember:  patch now or be hacked shortly.