Patch Tuesday June 2023

Patch Tuesday June 2023: all the patch news you need for your small business.

Apple Rapid Security Response

Apple has started their Rapid Security Response updates for all their devices. Instead of waiting for a monthly update, Apple is finally doing what other vendors do and releasing security updates for holes that hackers are actively exploiting. The first rapid security response was May 1st.

If you get a Rapid Security Response message on your iThingy or Mac you need to run the updates right away. Find out more about the Apple Rapid Security Response.

Apple Updates June 21st

Apple also released regular updates for all their products June 21st. All the products Apple is currently updating. Apple only provides updates for Mac Monterery, Big Sur and Ventures. Apple security details here.

Windows 10 updates

There’s a lot of confusion out there about the status of Windows 10. Microsoft has shuttered feature releases for Windows 10. Microsoft will continue to provide security updates. You don’t have to replace Windows 10 right now.

Microsoft June Mayhem

Microsoft released 70 patches June 13th for all their products. This is the first time in months Microsoft patched holes that are zero day (actively exploited by hackers). The patches have been interfering with some antivirus and antimalware products such as Malwarebytes. Expect patches from those vendors to fix the Microsoft patches.

Hackers are actively exploiting problems Microsoft patched back in April and May that affect Visual Studio and Win32K.

More details on Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday here.

Patch Tuesday June 2023

An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking. Indigo’s cyberattack saw their 4th quarter revenue drop $26.5 million to $194.2 million compared with the January-to-March period a year earlier.