Apple releases first rapid security response for iOS

Apple releases first rapid security response for iOS: there’s a new security update in tech-town.

Rapid security response for iOS

Apple released its first rapid security response for iOS today. Apple started the new security update routine to more quickly patch severe security problems. There is also a rapid security response for the ipadOS and Mac OS. You can find more details about the rapid security response from Apple.

How do you get the security response for iOS?

Go the Settings, General, Software Updates and make sure that Security Responses is selected.

The update process

Make sure you’ve plugged in your phone before starting. Click download and install.It will prompt you as to whether you want to use cellular data (in case you get disconnected from wifi).

Next your phone will prepare the update.

Restart the phone.

You get a notification it’s been successful.

It is rapid

This install only took about 10 minutes from start to finish. When Apple releases a major iOS update it can take about 30 minutes (depending on age of your iPhone).

If you don’t want to run these security responses, you can wait until the next major iOS patch. However Apple releases these update to patch zero day vulnerabilities (i.e. hackers are already exploiting security holes). Waiting mean you put your phone at risk and potentially your business network. Hackers can use any unpatched device on a network¬† to attack other devices on the network. If you’re not sure about patching or why you should read Patch Primer for Small Business.