Microsoft shutters Windows 10 updates

Microsoft shutters Windows 10 updates: what you need to know for your small business.

Microsoft shutters Windows 10 updates

April 27th Microsoft announced it will no longer produce feature updates for Windows 10. Version 22H2 is the last feature update.

Don’t panic. Microsoft will continue security updates for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise versions until October 2025. And that deadline may be extended. The cutoff date for security updates for Windows 7 was extended many times. Businesses could also purchase security updates long past the original deadline. Microsoft also extended the deadline for Windows XP to expire.

As long as Microsoft supports Windows 10, all the other software and hardware vendors like Google, HP, Brother will support your Windows 10 devices.

Managing the deadline

I would make a list of all those business computers you have that can’t run Windows 11 now. How mission critical are they? Replace them in the next 24 months by mission importance.

Switching to Windows 11

Always a little scary switching to a new operating system.  Most business software vendors have had well over a year to make their products run properly on Windows 11. The biggest factor will be employee learning curve as Windows 11 looks a lot different that Windows 10.

I would invest in Windows 11 basics training (how to find adding devices, most common features that have changed) to reduce productivity loss. Microsoft continues to move useful features from the Control Panel to the Start Menu/Settings.

Windows 10 History

Hard to believe Microsoft launched Windows 10 back in 2015. At that time Microsoft was quite aggressive about pushing Windows 10 down Windows 7 users throats. One travel agent in California actually won a small claims court case again Microsoft for damaging her business with a forced Windows 10 upgrade.

I think my favourite was the Windows 10 upgrade message that disrupted a live weather forecast.