Patch Tuesday July 2024

Patch Tuesday July 2024: lots of smoking hot security patches for your small business this month. If you’re not sure what you should be patching or why, read my Patch Primer for Small Business.

Adobe heat

Light month for Adobe. Adobe released patches for Premiere Pro and InDesign. No updates for Acrobat, Reader or Creative Cloud software.

Microsoft Red Hot

Microsoft released red hot security patches for various kinds of Windows and Microsoft Office. Hackers already attack two of the vulnerabilities patched.

One of the patches is a follow up to a patch Microsoft released last month. This month’s patch fixes a network vulnerability experienced in public settings like hotel conferences, shared office space. Road warriors beware!

Another patch of note fixes a vulnerability where even previewing an email in Outlook can infect a computer.

Always a good idea to check you have a recent backup before applying Windows Updates.

More details on Microsoft Patch Tuesday July 2024 here.

Apple Bytes

No updates for iOS or Mac OS yet this month. I expect Apple is saving updates for the fall release of iOS 18 and more. We might see iOS 17.6 this summer.

WordPress Updates

WordPress will release WordPress 6.6 on July 16th. Expect a quick boiling over of plugin and theme updates shortly after that.

The WordPress 6.6 field guide indicates that this version drops support for PHP versions lower than 7.2.24. The recommended version of PHP for WP 6.6 remains 7.4 or greater.

I wish hackers would take the summer off. Be sure to schedule some time soon to update your business devices.