Patch Tuesday December 2023

Patch Tuesday December 2023: the security elves bring lots of gifts for everyone this month. Be sure to find time around your holidays to update your devices.

Apple Security Ornaments

Apple released some last minute Xmas security updates today affecting all iThingys and MacOS Monterey and Ventura. They patched Safari for all their products. Apple also updated iOS 17 again after just updating it on December 11th.

More details on the Apple security updates page.

Adobe Security Sugar Plums

Adobe released updates for InDesign, Illustrator, and some other design products. No updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader this month. Details on the recent Adobe updates here.

Merry Microsoft Updates

Microsoft released a patch early this month that wreaked mayhem with printing. The update forced HP Smart software on unsuspecting folks who didn’t have an HP printer. More details here. Microsoft today released a manual patch to fix the broken renamed printers. Yet another Microsoft inflicted printing mishap, for more examples see All I Want For Xmas is for Microsoft to Fix Windows.

Microsoft released four critical patches and many other fixes on December 12th. The most interesting is a flaw in Microsoft Outlook that a hacker can exploit without user interaction (though not via the preview pane so less dangerous). More details on the Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 2023 updates here.

One of the patches Microsoft released on the 12th broke wifi for some users. Microsoft has released a Known Issue Rollback (KIR) for this problem. Details on this problem here.

Patch Tuesday December 2023

Don’t let hackers ruin your holidays! Take some time before the rum and eggnog to update your devices.